Of all the time I’ve spent researching Bullet Journals, I think I’ve spent the bulk of my time searching for the perfect spread or page template to use or modify. Searching for templates and sample spreads is so much fun and addicting.

Bullet Journal Templates

Fun and Functional Bullet Journal Templates

But for me, I also need it to be feasible. I am moderately artistic but I also need my bullet journal to be something that I can quickly develop on a yearly/monthly/weekly/daily basis. The extra bling or flare is to me just that. It’s “extra” for when I have the time or need a mental break. I don’t make the extra doodles part of my templates.

If a functional and fun style sounds like you, then I’m sure you’ll like the templates available through my site. I also will continue to post links to templates or spreads that I find from other sites that I think might interest you.

Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to include a little bit of everything to satisfy a wide range of fellow Bullet Journal Junkies.